Favorite Photo, September 25

Night photography field trip, Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, September 25, 2015.

In my “favorite photos” folder there are 15 photos taken on September 25. My favorite out of all of them, as a night shot taken during one of my photography workshops in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Favorite Photo, September 15

Chinese telephoto lens on an iPhone SE. September 15, 2017.

I am afraid my favorite photo for September 15 is not very exciting, but the story is interesting. I was doing a series of articles about cheaply made, very poor quality Chinese smart phone lenses that were flooding into the United States and being sold for outrageous prices.

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Favorite Photo, September 14

Ohio Health Prism Awards. September 14, 2011.

Ohio Health is a big medical conglomerate in central Ohio with 10 hospitals and lots of medical clinics. I was documenting their Prism Awards ceremony, Ohio Health’s equivalent of the Academy Awards. Several individuals or health care teams are nominated in advance each of a number of categories. Like the Academy Awards, the winner in each category is announced at the ceremony.

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Favorite Photo, September 11

“The Old Gray Hymnal”. September 11, 2018.

Today’s favorite photo is filled with happy memories tinged with sadness. September 11, just three days ago, I went to the funeral of Barbara Coolman, a long time and dear friend. Back in the 1970s we both taught music in the same small, rural village in eastern Nebraska. She was the school choir director and I was the school band director.

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Chip East Reflects on the Last Photos of His Friend, Bill Biggart, Taken on 9/11

Photographer Chip East was staring intensely at his laptop screen.

It was two weeks after two jetliners had plowed into the towers of the World Trade Center. His good friend, photojournalist Bill Biggart’s body had been recovered from the rubble. His personal effects, including his cameras had been released by authorities to his widow, Wendy.

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Remembering 9/11

Photo by James Nachtwey for TIME magazine.

I will never forget staring at the screen. I was stunned. It was just a few moments after I got the phone call to turn on the TV. Then the second plane hit.

On this date, sixteen years ago, we experienced a great national tragedy in the United States. Not only in the lives that were lost in the terrorist attacks, the families torn asunder, and the emergency responders who suffered and continue to suffer terrible health problems as a result of working at the scene – but also in the way we view ourselves and our world. Over the last 12 months since 9/11/2016, 33 more first responders died of health issues related to 9/11.

In remembrance of that day, and to honor the lives that were lost, I am posting some tributes.

Favorite Photo, September 7

Ryan on the water slide, Texas. September 7, 2015.

This is the same swimming pool as the one for the favorite photo for September 5. Our grandson Ryan has just come down the water slide and hit the water. I took photos as he came down the slide several times. This was the best photo of the bunch. I picked it for the splash he created when he hit the surface of the pool, as well as the expression on his face.

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Favorite Photo, September 5

Sunset, Swimming Pool. September 5, 2015

We were visiting family in Texas and we all decided to head for the local swimming pool. As the sun set the beautiful light in the sky was reflected in the rippling water of the pool.  This was an easy pick for my favorite photo taken September 5

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