Video: Into the Wild with Thomas D. Mangelsen

“Catch of the Day”, © Thomas D. Mangelsen

Tom Mangelsen is a world class wildlife photographer.  His image Catch of the Day has been called the most famous wildlife image of all time. His book Images of Nature has pride of place in my photography library. In this 12 minute video at 60 Minutes you go out into the field with Mangelsen and Anderson Cooper.

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Your Camera Does NOT Capture Reality! (and what to do about it)

O'Haver Lake, Mt. Ouray, Colorado

O’Haver Lake, Mt. Ouray, Colorado.

You have heard it said a lot, and maybe said it yourself: “This picture doesn’t do the scene  justice.” That is often true and for several reasons. One is that digital cameras do not capture reality. No matter how fancy or expensive, digital cameras simply do not capture what your eyes see. That is also true with film cameras. All color photographic films have different color characteristics. Some have better reds, others have better greens or blues. Some are more saturated and others less saturated. But none of them are totally color realistic. So why don’t digital cameras give you realistic images and what can you do about it?

Originally posted December 16, 2015. Revised, expanded, and re-posted May 4, 2018.

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The Ansel Adams Series

Ansel Adams. Photo © Yousuf Karsh. Used with permission.

Ansel Adams is the best known American landscape photographer and he has had a profound influence on a lot of photographers. Many of his images have become icons of the American west. He is one of my favorite photographers and I periodically dive into one of his books for inspiration. I have written several articles about Ansel Adams plus articles inspired by the concepts he taught. There are several YouTube videos, including an excellent full length documentary by PBS. The links follow.

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Happy Birthday, John Muir!

John Muir

John Muir

John Muir was born April 21, 1838. He had a profound influence on how Americans viewed our wild lands and his influence led to the establishment of many of our National Parks and other protected lands. He was nicknamed The Father of our National Parks. This is National Parks week. Go explore somewhere this week, or make plans to visit sometime this year.

Here are photos from some of my favorite National Parks along with quotes from John Muir.

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The Best National Parks to Photograph in Spring

 Ocotillo. Big Bend National Park. Texas.

Ocotillo. Big Bend National Park, Texas.

Believe it or not, spring has finally arrived in areas of the country that were dealing with a lingering winter. Which national parks are at their photographic best in the spring? Here are my choices, grouped by state from west to east. This list includes the favorites I have been to and want to go back to again, plus the ones I haven’t seen and most want to photograph. Don’t forget, this is national parks week and many of our national parks are having special activities all week long.

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Winter Photography Hot Spots

Last Light on El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, California.

I know, April seems like an odd time of year to write an article on winter photography hot spots. But I was going through old photography magazines before consigning them to the recycling bin and found a great article on winter photography hot spots.

Posted April 3, 2018. Updated April 9, 2018.

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Same Location, Dramatically Different Images

Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park. Photo © Sue Anne Hodges.

I came across an article on the prettiest drives in America.  One of the photos that jumped out at me is this excellent photo of appropriately named “Thunder Hole”. Kudos to Sue Anne Hodges for this image (and my thanks to her for permission to use this image). It is filled with action, intensity, and drama. You can feel what it would be like to get drenched if you were at the end of the observation area.

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How Long Will Your Photo Lab Prints Last Without Fading?

Estimated Print Life from Wilhelm Imaging Research

Estimated Print Life from Wilhelm Imaging Research

Would you rather pay more money for a print that will fade in as little as 5 or 6 years, or would you rather pay less money for a better print that will last up to 50 years? People pay more money for prints with a short life expectancy all the time. Why? Because they don’t have the right information, and they may have no idea that prints have such widely different life spans.

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Photos and Stories That Move Me: “The White Rose”

Hans, Sophie, Cristoph - The White Rose

Hans (left) and Sophie Scholl with Cristoph Probst (right), leaders of “The White Rose” resistance movement. Munich Germany, July 1942.

Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie were part of “The White Rose”, a group that opposed Hitler and the Nazi party. Hans served as a medic on the Eastern (Russian) front from late July to October 1942. One month later, 300,000 Germans were trapped in Stalingrad and only 5,000 returned to Germany. . . .

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This Is How Real Estate Video Photography Should Be Done!

Video screen capture. Sotheby’s International Realty, Telluride Colorado.

Do you want to see how real estate video photography should be done? Scroll half way down this page and start the video. This is one of the very best real estate videos I have watched thanks to the quality of the individual video segments and a great mixture of video styles from slow motion to aerials to the time lapse at night.

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How to Get the Best Results from the Best Online Photo Labs

The lab you choose and the kind of file you send to your lab can make a huge difference in the quality of prints you get back. How do you pick a good online photo lab? How do you get the best results from your lab? What color space should you use for your digital files and how do you convert your files to the right color space? How big a print can you make from your digital files?

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The Best National Parks for Fall Photography

Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

What are the best national parks to photograph in the fall? Here are my choices, grouped by state and province from west to east. This list includes the favorites I have been to, plus the ones I most want to see based on the recommendations of the photographers I trust, like Tim Fitzharris and QT Luong. More about them later.

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Two Photographers and Eleven Outdoor/Travel Writers Pick the Best National Parks for Fall

Long’s Peak and Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

Fall is a fabulous time of year to visit the national parks. Crowds are usually smaller than in the summer, temperatures are cooler, and some of our national parks have glorious fall colors. With so many to choose from, where should you go? Which national parks will provide the best photographic opportunities in the fall?

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