How To Protect Your Camera Gear in the Cold and Snow

Bruce Canyon After An Overnight Snow

Bryce Canyon After An Overnight Snowstorm

Cold and snow can cause a lot of damage to your camera gear. Something as simple as taking pictures outside and then bringing your camera inside your house or car can cause hidden damage that won’t show up until days or weeks later. The simple steps in this article could save you hundreds of dollars in repair bills.

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Buying a Headlamp for Night Photography: The Essential Feature

Photographers with red headlamps. Field Trip, Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

A red headlamp is an essential tool for night photography. Before you rush out and buy one, make sure it has the most essential feature (other than the red LED). Some inexpensive headlamps have this feature and some very expensive ones don’t, so cost is not the issue.

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Favorite Photo, October 7

Sunset, Vermilion Lakes, Banff National Park, Canada. October 7, 2012.

This is the story behind one of my favorite images. It was a dreary cloudy, day in Banff with rain and drizzle off and on all day long. Most of the afternoon I was hanging out in the fireplace room at a bed and breakfast and visiting with the other guests, all Canadian.

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Favorite Photo, September 14

Ohio Health Prism Awards. September 14, 2011.

Ohio Health is a big medical conglomerate in central Ohio with 10 hospitals and lots of medical clinics. I was documenting their Prism Awards ceremony, Ohio Health’s equivalent of the Academy Awards. Several individuals or health care teams are nominated in advance each of a number of categories. Like the Academy Awards, the winner in each category is announced at the ceremony.

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