Favorite Photo, October 15

Graceland University Residence Life Staff, Lamoni, Iowa. October 15, 2007.

This is the only photo in my “favorite photos” folder for October 15. There are over 3400 images in my favorite photos folder. That averages out to about 9 photos per date, scattered across all of the dates of the year. But in real life it doesn’t work out that way. For one relatively recent date (September 29) I have over 50 favorite photos and for some dates I have no favorite photos at all.

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Favorite Photo, October 11

Shannon Miller on the Beam. The Myriad, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. October 11, 1992.

Shannon Miller is the most decorated U.S. gymnast, male or female, at the Olympic Games, with a total of 7 medals. She was part of the gold medal winning “Magnificent Seven” team at the 1996 Olympics. It was my happy privilege to photograph her a few months after she won several medals at the 1992 Olympics.

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Favorite Photo, October 8

Tree Reflections at Dusk, Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Michigan’s U.P. October 8, 1998.

It was the end of a beautiful day at the Seney National Wildlife Refuge, one of my favorite places on the planet. The light was fading rapidly in the west as I took my last few photos. The fading light of dusk ended up being my favorite photo of the day, and one of my all time favorite photos.

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In Memory of Mike Baroli

Mike Baroli

NOTE: This was originally posted January 10, 2011. Thanks to a recent thank you note from Mike’s wife, I decided to expand and re-post this article October 5, 2018.

I just received an e-mail from one of Mike Baroli’s cousins with the sad news that Mike passed away December 19, 2010. The memorial service was yesterday at Spring Creek Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. Mike Baroli is the photographer that changed my life.

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Favorite Photo, September 25

Night photography field trip, Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, September 25, 2015.

In my “favorite photos” folder there are 15 photos taken on September 25. My favorite out of all of them, as a night shot taken during one of my photography workshops in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Favorite Photo, September 14

Ohio Health Prism Awards. September 14, 2011.

Ohio Health is a big medical conglomerate in central Ohio with 10 hospitals and lots of medical clinics. I was documenting their Prism Awards ceremony, Ohio Health’s equivalent of the Academy Awards. Several individuals or health care teams are nominated in advance each of a number of categories. Like the Academy Awards, the winner in each category is announced at the ceremony.

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