Favorites/Most Popular

I decided to pull together a list of some of the most popular/favorite articles on my web sites. Also included is a list of some of most asked questions I receive with links to the answers.


Originally posted December 12, 2016. Most recent update: January 5, 2024.

The Buyer’s Guide Series – Your guide to the best of all things photographic. There are over 70 articles in this series, making it one of the most comprehensive buyer’s guides on the Internet.

Buyer’s Guide Series: Recommendations For The Best Photography Equipment, Software, Books, Magazines, DVDs, Online Photo Labs and More

Some of my most popular articles are grouped into these photography series.

The National Park Series: Where to Go and When

“How To” Series: Winter Photography

How To Series: Snowy Owl Photography

How To Series: Adventures with Adobe Bridge – Learn all the basics for using Adobe Bridge

Events and People That Changed Me As A Photographer

The Ansel Adams Series – Articles about and inspired by Ansel Adams, including several videos

Series: Channeling My Inner . . . – some of the photographers who inspire me

Series: Favorite Photos by Date

The Exposure Series

The “Custom White Balance” Series

The Depth of Field Series

How To Series: Off-Camera Flash

“How To” Series: Using GPS in Photography

“How To” Series: Photoshop’s Color Tools and Systems

The Mastering Photoshop Series

“How To” Series: Astrophotography with the iOptron SkyTracker

The Great American Eclipse Series (August 21, 2017) – The August 2017 eclipse is over but the sun is still there. You can still do solar photography and this series of articles will show you how.

The Chinese Lens Rip Off Series – Overpriced Camera Phone Lenses

Some of My Most Popular and Favorite Articles

Why and When To Set A Custom White Balance

How To Set A Custom White Balance On Your Digital Camera

Setting a Custom White Balance Will Save You a Lot of Time

It’s All About The Light, Part One

It’s All About the Light, Part Two

It’s All About the Light, Part Three

You Can Create High Quality Digital Images of Analog Prints, Even if You are Traveling

How to Be A Better Wildlife and Nature Photographer

Colorado Fall Color Travel and Photography Guide

Fall Color Photography Guide to Marshall Pass and O’Haver Lake, Colorado

Finding the Peak Fall Colors at the Best Locations

The Best Colors Come From the Best Exposures

How To Test Your Camera’s Color Exposure Latitude

How to Use Your Camera’s Exposure Compensation Scale

How To Get Critical Focus in “Live View” Mode with a Magnified Image

Using the Histogram to Check Studio Flash Exposures

How to See and Photograph the Northern Lights

How To Focus Your Lens at Infinity for Night Photography

Why Exposure is So Important

Exposure Warning: Turn On The Blinkies

Your Camera Does NOT Capture Reality! – And what to do about it.

Your Camera Loves “Middle Gray” – And Why That is Important

Secrets of Great Color: Set Your Camera to Bland!

ACR and RAW: Two of the Best Things You Can Do For Your Images

How to Save A Sun Flared Image with ACR and a Soft Light Brush

Fixing A Color Cast With ACR

How to Shoot With and Protect Your Camera Gear in Hot Weather

Better Images: Adobe’s Improved “Process Version” for Adobe Camera Raw

RGB vs Luminance Histogram

What to Do When A Lens Quits Working

Getting Started with High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

Giving Yourself Options: HDR Photography

How to Create Realistic HDR Images with Adobe Camera Raw

Colors Your Eyes Can’t See – But Your Camera Can

Keep a Photo Trip Log

Depth of Field and Hyperfocal Distance App for iPhones and iPads

How To Set A Custom White Balance on Your Digital Camera

Why and When To Set A Custom White Balance

Frequently Asked Questions – These articles grew out of questions I am asked most often at my workshops and in emails. Each question is linked to the article with the answer.

How do I become a better wildlife and nature photographer?

What is the best way to photograph Christmas lights?

My hard drive crashed. What data-recovery service do you recommend?

What do I do if I lose the photos on my memory card?

How do I use my memory cards to minimize the chances of losing photos?

What are your favorite photo labs?

What Is a Cropped Sensor Camera and What Difference Does it Make?

Why is Adobe Camera Raw so important to get the best quality images? Be sure to check out the links at the end of the article.

How do I create panoramic images using the recent versions of Adobe Camera Raw?

What are the “blinkies” and why should I use them on my camera?

How do I get started with HDR (high dynamic range) photography?

Why shouldn’t I use refilled print cartridges?

How long will my photo lab prints last? Is there really that much difference from one lab to the next?

How do I copyright my photos?

Why is “middle gray” such a big deal for my camera meter and what should I do about it?

How do I meter manual flash units if I don’t have an incident flash meter?

Articles that Can Save You Time and Money

Never Use Compressed (Canned) Air to Clean Your Camera – This article could save you $150 – $200.

Protect Your Camera Gear in the Cold and Snow – One simple mistake can ruin your camera and make it unrepairable.

How to Shoot and Protect Your Camera Gear in Hot Weather

How Do You Know If You Have a Fake RØDE VideoMic?

The 3-2-1 Photo and Data Backup Plan – If your hard drive crashes with all your precious photos and you don’t have a backup, it could easily cost $1,000 or more to get them restored by a reliable company. An unreliable company could cost you just as much or more and lose all your photos forever.

The Best Online Backup For Your Photos and Other Important Files

Warning! Fake Memory Cards at Amazon

To minimize the chances of losing photos, read this article: Memory Cards Part 1: The Best Way To Use Memory Cards To Avoid Lost Images

If you have already lost photos, don’t do anything with your memory card until read this article: Memory Cards Part 2: Lost Photos

Don’t Click on That “Urgent Firefox Update” Notice! – This article could save you hours of time cleaning up a computer malware mess.

The “Don’t Get Ripped Off” Series – Overpriced Camera Phone Lenses