The Depth of Field Series

Whites Sands New Mexico

Controlling depth of field is one of a photographer’s most powerful creative tools. That is why my photography book devotes two chapters and 40 pages to tools and techniques you can use to control depth of field.

One of those tools is a hyperfocal distance chart. These articles will help you make the most of the chart.

This is an ongoing series and more articles will be added in the future.

Using a Hyperfocal Distance Chart

For digital cameras with full frame sensors (about 24×26 mm) and 35mm film cameras:

Depth of Field for 35mm film and full frame digital cameras

Hyperfocal Distance Chart for full frame digital cameras and 35mm film cameras

For digital cameras with cropped sensors (about 15×23 mm):

Depth of Field for digital SLRs with a 1.5x or 1.6x field of view crop

Hyperfocal Distance Chart for Digital Cameras with a 1.5X of 1.6X field of view crop

Book Links

For a lot more information about depth of field, check out chapters 6 & 7 in Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies. Learn more here and order it here at Amazon.