Favorite Photo, May 4

Claret Cup Cactus. White Sands New Mexico.
Claret Cup Cactus. White Sands New Mexico. May 4, 1990.

Another photographer and I were at White Sands National Monument at sunset. We were getting ready to leave when we spotted several Claret Cup cacti. It was long after sunset and our exposures were about 30 seconds long. When we got our slides back we were blown away by the color. The blossoms glowed with an almost electric red. Don’t put your camera away after the sun goes down.

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Favorite Photo, April 30

Balanced Rock, Arches National Park
Balanced Rock, Arches National Park, Utah. April 30, 2011.

After four days in California doing the family history thing (see the prior articles in this series), I had a change in plans. The next leg of my family history trip had to be postponed to a later date, which meant I had two extra days to do whatever I wanted. I decided to take the two extra days and go back to southern Utah.

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Favorite Photo, April 29

Sunset, Lake Michigan
Sunset, Lake Michigan. iPhone photo. April 29, 2017.

Bill and Winnie Johnston and I were driving around northern Michigan scouting out potential field trip location for my annual photography workshop on Lake Charlevoix (which is a good location in and of itself). Winnie is in charge of lodging for the workshop and Bill is the cook. They are both excellent photographers. You can see their work here.

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Favorite Photo, April 28 – History Redux

Mom's Doll, Orland California.
Mom’s Doll, Orland California. April 28, 2011.

If you have been following this series, you know I went on a cross country family history trip in 2011 (with a scenic side trip through southern Utah). My plan was to visit relatives in Colorado, Utah, and Oregon and record family stories. This doll is part of that story.

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Favorite Photo, April 28

Grandpa’s old sofa bed, Orland California. April 2011.

I was in California in 2011 to collect family stories on a digital recorder. One of my stops was my cousin Sue and her family. Our mothers are sisters. Sue has a remarkable memory and I recorded her stories of family events.

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Favorite Photo, April 26

Doris, Fremont California. April 26, 2011.

Doris is my mother-in-law. We spent the day with her sharing family stories and I recorded them all on a digital recorder. Those stories are a family treasure. Recording her memories was one of the primary reasons for the trip to California. After sharing stories we went out in her back yard where she has a nice little arbor. The light was perfect for portraits. This is my favorite photo for April 26 and one of my all time favorite images.

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Favorite Photo, April 25

Bryce Canyon at Sunrise
Bryce Canyon at Sunrise, Utah. April 25, 2011.

It got up bright and early and looked outside. It snowed overnight. I was thrilled. Following some excellent advice from a photographer who has spent a lot of time at Bryce Canyon, I went to Sunset Point, not Sunrise Point. This is one of my favorite photos for this date and one of my all time favorite photos.

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Favorite Photo, April 22

Ocotillo. Big Bend National Park. Texas.
Ocotillo. Big Bend National Park, Texas. April 22, 1993.

Big Bend National Park is one of my favorite places on the planet. That was a big surprise to me since I prefer mountains, pine scented air, trout streams and high mountain lakes. Deserts are not my thing. But I fell in love with Big Bend on my first visit.

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Favorite Photo, April 20

Easter, Worthington Ohio.
Easter, Worthington Ohio. April 20, 2014.

It was Easter Sunday morning and this young woman was one of the people taking up the offering. The expression on her face and the bunny ears make the photo. She was new at this job, taking it very seriously, and determined not to accidentally drop the offering plate. This is my favorite photo for April 20.

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Favorite Photo, April 14

Baptism, Port-de-Paix, Haiti.
Baptism, Port-de-Paix, Haiti. April 14, 1985.

In 1985 it was my extraordinary privilege to spend a week in Haiti. The people I met were wonderful in their passion, kindness, and devotion. The hillsides that had not yet been stripped bare (to make charcoal) were beautiful. The poverty was staggering. (Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.) It was a life changing week.

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Total Immersion Nature Photography Weekend in Beautiful Northern Michigan

Michigan Photography Workshop

Are you ready to take your nature and wildlife photography to the next level? Are you ready to learn the professional secrets that make the difference between good images and great images? Are you ready for a high intensity, action packed, total immersion photography weekend? Come to Park of the Pines on beautiful Lake Charlevoix June 7-10, 2019.

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