Series: Favorite Photos by Date

Some of the digital images in my “favorites folder”.

It all started the morning of August 6, 2018 when I woke up and asked myself, “What is the best photo I have ever taken on August 6?”  So I went through my favorites folder to find all of the photos I had taken on August 6, no matter what year. I found only three photos, all of them portraits. My favorite is a head and shoulders portrait of Sarah in her wedding dress. (I also have a full length version but I like the tight shot best.) So I posted it. August 7 I did the same thing. I found no photo for August 8. (August is not my favorite photo month.) August 9 I found three photos to pick from and posted my favorite. Now it has become a thing.

“Favorite” photo is not the same as “best” photo. My best photo for a give date might be the technically perfect photo. Or the most interesting location, or most unique  or eye popping photo. It would be something I would submit to a photo contest or something I would hang in a photo exhibit. Instead for each date I am choosing my favorite photo taken on that date, no matter the reason. That might mean choosing a favorite photo of my of my grandchildren over a more impressive landscape photo. So this is a “favorite photos” series.

Some of the scanned slides in my “favorites folder”.

The photo of photos for each date are picked from the “favorites folder” on my computer. Whenever I work on a photo I really like, (sometimes in several different versions), I drop a copy (including any versions) into my favorites folder. If I create an illustration for an online article or print publication, it goes into the favorites folder too.

The folder mostly includes digital photos going back to 2003 (the year I bought my first serious digital camera, a Canon 10D) and my favorite scanned slides going back to back to 1985 (with a small smattering of photos prior to 1985). As I take new photos, more images are added to the favorites folder, and I periodically go back and scan more slides. Right now there are over 3400 images in my favorites folder. Scattered equally over the 366 dates in a year, that would be about 9 favorite photos per date to pick from. In reality, some dates have no photos at all. Other dates have 50 or 60 favorite photos. I take a lot more photos in the fall color season than I do in the dead of winter. (Winter is not my favorite photo time of year.) Expect a lot of “No Favorite Photo Today” posts this winter.

For some dates I post only one favorite photo. For some dates I add a second or third or even a fourth place favorite photo.

Depending on how busy my schedule is, especially if I am traveling, I get behind by several days on my posts. I do eventually catch up.

In retrospect, it would make more sense to start a project like this January 1, but I don’t always do things in the most logical way. This just started as what was supposed to be a one day thing on August 6, and it someone turned into a year long thing.


As each month is completed, I will add links here.

Favorite Photos – August 6-31

Favorite Photos – September