Favorite Photos – December

Favorite Photos, December. Click for a larger version.

Here are my favorite photos for the month of December. The story behind this “favorite photos by date” project is here.

Most of the December photos are portraits. I don’t do much nature photography in December. The pretty autumn leaves are gone and most years the pretty winter snows have not yet arrived. So I take pictures of family and friends, a few models, and our dog Sunny shows up several times. Despite over 3400 images in my “favorite photos” folder, there were four days in November for which I did not have a single photo to post. The same will be true for the winter months which follow. Winter is just not my favorite photography season. But there were five days for which I picked two first place favorite photos for the same date. As usually, there are some days that have a second, third, or even fourth place photo.

Links to the Story Behind Each Photo

December 1 – Terran, Iowa
December 3 – Burning Bush, Columbus Ohio
December 4 – Graham Parsons and the Go Rounds, Kalamazoo Michigan
December 6 – Anoush Anou, Columbus Ohio
December 7 – The Graceland University Orchestra and Choir, Lamoni Iowa
December 9 – Cougar, Wildlife Prairie Park, Illinois
December 10 – Tracks in the Snow, Columbus Ohio
December 11 – Children with Santa, Worthington Ohio
December 11 – Jim and Melissa, Anniversary Dinner, Columbus Ohio
December 12 – The River Walk, San Antonio Texas
December 13 – Sarah, Downtown Columbus Ohio
December 13 – Lela Rae, Columbus Ohio
December 14 – Holly, Easton, Columbus Ohio
December 15 – Autumn Leaves, Columbus Ohio
December 16 – Stephanie, Columbus Ohio
December 17 – Sunny on the Sofa, Columbus Ohio
December 18 – Sunny, Columbus Ohio
December 19 – Dina, Columbus Ohio
December 20 – Jennifer at the Piano, Worthington Ohio
December 21 – Sunny, Columbus, Ohio
December 21 – Family Portrait, Lamoni Iowa
December 22 – Grand Canyon at Dawn, Arizona
December 23 – Leg Lamp and Legs, The Pizza Shack, Lamoni Iowa
December 24 – Christmas Ornament, Columbus Ohio
December 25 – Janae and Candle, Nebraska
December 25 – Janae, Jim, and Jared, Nebraska
December 27 – Sunny in the Car, Galena Ohio
December 28 – Bird Reflections, National Wildlife Refuge. Fremont California
December 29 – Kristin, Columbus Ohio
December 30 – Andrew, Santa Hat. Ohio
December 30 – Last Light on El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, California
December 31 – Family Christmas, West Point New York

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