Favorite Photo, December 27

Sunny in the Car, Galena Ohio. December 27, 2016.

There are only two photos in my “favorite photos” folder for December 27. They were taken within seconds of each other and this is the best of the two.

We had just returned home from a Christmas trips and I went to the “Doggy Resort” to pick up Sunny. (We don’t use the “K” word.)

I hooked Sunny up in his travel harness, attached it to the seat belt system. Put his food and goodies box in the car seat and grabbed a couple of snapshots before we drove home.

The Big Walnut Animal Care Center in Galena Ohio (north of Columbus) is a great place to take care of your pet while you are on a trip. I give them my highest recommendation. A year ago they probably saved Sunny’s life. An animal care tech who takes Sunny out for his daily walks and daily play times decided Sunny didn’t seem quite right. They checked him over, called us for permission to transport Sunny, and rushed him to their emergency 24 hour pet hospital where he could receive round the clock veterinary care. Had they not done that, Sunny probably wouldn’t have made it through the night.


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Big Walnut Animal Care Center/Annehurst Veterinary Hospital