Favorite Photos – February

Favorite Photos, February.

Favorite Photos, February. Click for a larger version.

Here are my favorite photos for the month of February. The story behind this “favorite photos by date” project is here.

February is not my month for photography and I can see it in some of these photos. For some dates I had only one image and some of them are pretty nondescript. On those days I found myself asking “Why did I start this project?”  As I have written before, winter is just not my favorite photography season.

What saved this month photographically, especially the last half of the month, were photo trips to Michigan and Colorado, and photo shoots with several models.

The mix of photos this month is as follows:

Places – 9
Family and friends – 6
Models – 6
Wildlife – 5
Landscapes – 3

This months photos by location:

Ohio – 14
Iowa – 8
Michigan – 4
Colorado – 3

Links to the Story Behind Each Photo

February 1 – Christmas Tree, Columbus Ohio
February 2 – Christmas Ornaments, Columbus Ohio
February 3 – “Picking up the Pieces” art exhibit by Julia Franklin, Lamoni Iowa
February 6 – Finn, Iowa
February 7 – From the Ground, Leon, Iowa
February 8 – A childhood “blanket fort” at “Picking Up the Pieces”, Lamoni Iowa
February 9 – Pink Pig, Welcome Center, Lamoni Iowa
February 11 – Christmas Ornaments, Lamoni Iowa
February 12 – Christmas Tree, Lamoni Iowa
February 13 – Andrew, Columbus Ohio
February 14 – Valentine’s Day, Worthington Ohio
February 15 – Ashley, Columbus Ohio
February 16 – Canada Geese, Columbus Ohio
February 17 – Ava, Worthington Ohio
February 17 – Erin, Worthington Ohio
February 17 – Leah, Worthington Ohio
February 18 – Lyn Marie, Columbus Ohio
February 19 – Lyn Marie, Columbus Ohio
February 20 – Lyn Marie, Ohio
February 20 – Horned Lark on a country road in Iowa
February 21 – Snowy Owl, Michigan
February 22 – Young Bald Eagle in Flight, Michigan
February 23 – Sami Lynn with Rose Petals, Columbus Ohio
February 24 – Elk in the Snow, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
February 25 – Winter at Upper Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan
February 26 – Moraine Park in Late Evening Light. Colorado
February 27 – Glass Candle, Episcopal Cathedral, Kalamazoo Michigan
February 27 – Selina, Columbus Ohio
February 28 – Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

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