Favorite Photo, February 24

Elk in the Snow, Rocky Mountain National Park
Elk in the Snow, Horseshoe Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. February 24, 2008.

There weren’t a lot of wildlife to be seen on this particular day in February. After the fall rut ends, most of the elk retreat into the forest. But I was lucky enough to find this group of young bulls on the edge of the forest in Horsehoe Park.

Horseshoe Park is one of the best elk locations during the fall rut and you can occasionally find elk here in the other seasons of the year. Moraine Park is one of the other prime elk locations. If you are looking for elk, these should be your first two stops. Check my Colorado travel guide in the links below for other good locations.

Two days after I created this image I was photographing the night sky in Moraine Park.


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