Favorite Photo, February 25

Tahquamenon Falls, Winter
Winter at Upper Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan. February 25, 2006.

Upper Tahquamenon Falls in deservedly one of the most popular tourist locations in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Another photographer and I mostly had the place to ourselves with only a few other people around. I am surprised more people don’t go in the winter.

This was pretty much a perfect day for photography with bright sun, blue skies and puffy clouds. Ice and snow are piled up on the river. The unique tea/amber color of the water stands out nicely. The color comes from tannins in the water which is leached from cedar swamps in the area. This is my favorite photo for this date, and one of my all time favorite landscape images.

Gorge, and River. Michigan. February 25, 2008.
Tahquamenon Falls, Gorge, and River. Michigan. February 25, 2008.

This photo was taken the same day from a different overlook. This is my second favorite image for this date.

If you are in Michigan’s U.P., the falls should be high on your photography list. Check out the lower falls too, just a few miles east of the upper falls.


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Tahquamenon Falls State Park