Favorite Photos – September

Favorite Photos, September 1-30. Click for a larger version.

Favorite Photos, September 1-30. Click for a larger version.

Here are my favorite photos for September. The story behind this project is here. There isn’t a photo for September 19 since I didn’t take a single favorite photo on that date over the last 30 plus years.

As you can see, many of the early September photos are of people. I am usually around home in early September so most of my photography then is people related. Later in September I am usually in Colorado chasing fall colors.

Originally posted October 7, 2018. Updated May 11, 2019.

Links to the Story Behind Each Photo

September 1 – Service Dog Cemetery, Fort Irwin, California
September 2 – Ava in the Park, Ohio
September 3 – John in the Park, Ohio
September 4 – Terran in a Tree, Iowa
September 5 – Sunset, Swimming Pool, Texas
September 6 – Melissa and Jim, Wedding, Nebraska
September 7 – Ryan, Water Slide, Texas
September 8 – Wat Buddharatanaram, Buddhist Temple, Texas
September 9 – Nicole, Michigan
September 10 – Andrew, Playground, New York
September 11 – “The Old Gray Hymnal”, Missouri
September 12 – Nicole, “Illusions”, Ohio
September 13 – Dewi, Ohio
September 14 – Ohio Health Prism Awards. Ohio
September 15 – Chinese Telephoto Lens, Ohio
September 16 – Photo Exhibit, Changes Salon and Day Spa, Ohio
September 17 – Alpenglow, Sprague Lake, Hallett Peak, Flattop Mountain, Colorado
September 18 – Dinka, “Legs”, Ohio
September 20 – Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Colorado
September 21 – Lighting Over Yukon, Oklahoma
September 22 – Kristen’s Eye, Colorado
September 23 – Maroon Bells and Maroon Lake in the Moonlight, Colorado
September 24 – Sarah, Professional Fitness Trainer, Columbus Ohio.
September 24 – Morning at Maroon Bells and Maroon Lake, Colorado
September 25 – Night Photography Field Trip, Sprague Lake, Colorado
September 26 – Bob at Bear Lake, Colorado
September 27 – Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, Colorado
September 28 – Aspen Grove, Marshall Pass, Colorado
September 29 – Bull Elk, Colorado
September 30 – Aspen and Porphyry Peak, Colorado

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