Favorite Photo, September 25

Night photography field trip, Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, September 25, 2015.

In my “favorite photos” folder there are 15 photos taken on September 25. My favorite out of all of them, as a night shot taken during one of my photography workshops in Rocky Mountain National Park.

I like the red glow from everyone’s headlamps. The red lights don’t mess with our eye’s dark adaptation. White lights would kill our dark adaptation and it would take another 15-30 minutes for everyone to dark adapt again.

But the red glow shows up in our photographs. So we timed our shots together. When we were all ready to take out next shot I would say “going dark” and everyone would turn off their headlamps and open their shutters. After everyone’s shutter had closed I would say “going red” and we would all turn our headlamps on and set up for the next shot.

Night photography is great fun.


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