Favorite Photo, September 24

Maroon Bells, Maroon Lake, Colorado. September 24, 2015.

If you looked at yesterday’s favorite photo, today’s photo won’t surprise you. I was back at Maroon Lake and the Maroon Bells in the morning.

This is a very popular photo location in the fall. If you want a good spot on the lake you need to arrive an hour before sunrise. If you don’t you will end up at a place on the lake with a lot of other photographers in your photographs. If you want an unobstructed shot like this one, arrive early. This is one of my two most favorite photos for this date.

Sarah, Professional Fitness Trainer. September 24, 2011.

Let’s face it. You can’t spend every day shooting beautiful landscapes. Some days the light just isn’t right for grand landscapes and you have to look for something else to do!

Sarah is a professional fitness trainer. We worked together creating professional quality images for her web site. If you live in the Columbus Ohio area and you need a professional fitness trainer, I highly recommend her. This is the other of my two most favorite photos for September 24.

Originally posted September 24, 2018. Updated May 11, 2019.


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Body Balance by Sarah