Favorite Photo, September 26

Bob Walker at Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, September 26, 2016.

We are getting into the time of year that I have a lot more favorite photos for each date. I am usually chasing wildlife and fall color toward the end of September, usually in Colorado.

One of my most favorite photos for September 26 was taken in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a beautiful morning at Bear Lake. But what makes this photo so special (other than the golden aspen and the reflection) is the presence in the photo of my brother-in-law and photo buddy, Bob Walker. We have taken pictures together in Colorado for years. We have also stood tripod to tripod in Michigan, California, Alaska, and Tahiti. Bob also helps out with my Colorado photography workshops.

Bear Lake at Night, Hallett Peak, and Flattop Mountain in the Moonlight, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. September 26, 2015.

Another of my most favorite images for September 26 is another night time shot, taken at Bear Lake. With enough moonlight you can turn night into day. This photo was taken during one of my photography workshops.

Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. September 26, 2017.

This bull elk in Rocky Mountain National Park is making his presence known to anyone who cares to listen. It is my third most favorite photo for this date. This photo was taken last fall during one of my photography workshops. Every day, several times a day we had great wildlife opportunities.

Buck, Endovalley area, Rocky Mountain National Park. September 26, 2016.

I was leading a one-on-one photo safari for another photographer. We spotted several deer at a distance. You can not walk up to wildlife, that is against park rules, but they can walk up to you if you aren’t moving. I made an educated guess where the deer might be going (thanks to some excellent information from George Lepp at one of his photo safaris).  We walked down the road and picked a likely spot where the deer were likely to walk by, and waited. Eventually, the deer wandered our way and this buck walked right up to us and browsed. The distance scale on my lens said he was 15 feet away.

Photo Locations

Bear Lake and Sprague Lake (see yesterday’s favorite photo) are two of my favorite night time locations in Rocky Mountain National Park.


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