Favorite Photo, September 14

Ohio Health Prism Awards. September 14, 2011.

Ohio Health is a big medical conglomerate in central Ohio with 10 hospitals and lots of medical clinics. I was documenting their Prism Awards ceremony, Ohio Health’s equivalent of the Academy Awards. Several individuals or health care teams are nominated in advance each of a number of categories. Like the Academy Awards, the winner in each category is announced at the ceremony.

The event begins with a catered meal at Ohio’s State Capitol. Then the event moves across the street to the Ohio Theatre for the awards ceremony. The Ohio State Capitol is a great photo location.

My favorite image for September 14 is a collage I created of the event. The upper right and lower left images were taken inside the capitol building. The upper left is the stage at the theater, the center is some of the decorative art above the stage, and the lower right is the outside marquee.


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