Favorite Photo, September 16

Photo Exhibit, Changes Salon and Day Spa. September 16, 2013.

When I looked at my favorite photos for September 16, there weren’t many choices, and most of them were from day two of my cheap Chinese lens test. But one photo caught my eye.

Changes Salon and Day Spa invites local artists to exhibit work at their salon and I was invited. Part way through the installation, I looked at one of the hair dressers at work, surrounded by my work. The two big mirrors behind him added to the scene. So I took a picture.

One of the other hairdressers was looking at my images and said “This is really good work. You must have a great lens.” I did not respond but another photographer who was helping me with the installation said “He has a great lens, but what really makes the difference is he has a really good eye.” Later I saw that hairdresser at work and I was so tempted to say, “That’s a really good haircut. You must have a great pair of scissors.” But I didn’t.


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