Favorite Photos – November

Favorite Photos, November. Click for a larger version.

Here are my favorite photos for the month of October. The story behind this “favorite photos by date” project is here.

Most of the November photos are portraits. That makes sense. November is usually not a nature photography kind of month. The fall colors are mostly gone and the pretty winter snows have not yet arrived. So I do portaits and a fair amount of photos at family gatherings. Despite over 3400 images in my “favorite photos” folder, there were five days in November for which I did not have a single photo. The same will be true for the winter months which follow, several days each month without a single photo.

Links to the Story Behind Each Photo

November 1 – Maple Tree, Columbus, Ohio
November 2 – Sunny, Columbus, Ohio
November 3 – Family Portrait, Virginia
November 4 – The Vietnam Women’s Memorial, Washington D.C.
November 5 – Father and Son, New York
November 6 – Matt, Worthington, Ohio
November 7 – Moon
November 8 – Lela Rae, Michigan
November 10 – Elk at Sunrise. Horsehoe Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
November 11 – Lightning, east of Lubbock, Texas
November 12 – Andrew, Eagle Scout Court of Honor, Keller, Texas
November 13 – Dr Yim plays Eric Satie’s “Vexations” a total of 840 times. Lamoni, Iowa
November 15 – Lach, Kirtland Temple, Ohio
November 17 – Nicole dances to “Dream”, Lamoni, Iowa
November 18 – Ryan and Andrew
November 19 – Rachel, Columbus, Ohio
November 20 – Elephant Rock, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
November 21 – “Watch me!” Columbus, Ohio
November 22 – Las Vegas Strip, Nevada
November 23 – Family Portrait, Iowa
November 24 – Jared, Portage, Michigan
November 26 – Terran, Iowa
November 27 – Sarah Ellis, Window Blind Shadows, Columbus, Ohio
November 28 – Family portrait, Ohio
November 30 – Cadence, Columbus, Ohio

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