Favorite Photo, November 22

Las Vegas Strip, Nevada. November 22, 1998.

We were on the Las Vegas Strip at night and I wanted a photo of long streaking car lights. I set my tripod up on a pedestrian bridge.

I wanted the cars to be sitting still at the light so I timed the traffic light to see how long the red light lasted. With the timing down I opened the shutter a few seconds before the traffic light switched from red to green. That way the cars burned in on the film before they drove off at the green light and created the light streaks. This is my favorite photo for today’s date.

Hallie, Columbus, Ohio. November 22, 2011.

Hallie and I did several photo sessions together to create a variety of images. I deliberately photographed her from an unusual angle to create a different perspective. This image is one of our favorites from one of our photo sessions and it is my second favorite image for today’s date.

Hallie has the unusual distinction of being the one person whose face broke my camera.


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