Favorite Photos – January

Favorite Photos, January.

Favorite Photos, January. Click for a larger version.

Here are my favorite photos for the month of January. The story behind this “favorite photos by date” project is here.

My favorite photos for January are an interesting mix.

Family – 9
Nature/Landscape/Wildlife – 5
Models – 5
Photo Workshops – 2
Christmas Ornaments – 2
Aerial Cityscape – 1
Event – 1

Despite over 3400 images in my “favorite photos” folder, there were nine days in January for which I did not have a single photo to post. Winter is just not my favorite photography season. There were three days for which I picked two first place favorite photos for the same date. As usually, there are some days that have a second, third, or even fourth place photo.

Links to the Story Behind Each Photo

January 3 – Night Sky over the Mojave Desert, Fort Irwin California
January 4 – Southwest Jet Over Las Vegas at Dusk
January 5 – Andrew, Tennis, Fort Irwin California
January 5 – Ryan, Tennis, Fort Irwin California
January 6 – Mojave Desert near Fort Irwin California
January 7 – Kristina, Window Blind Shadows, Columbus Ohio
January 8 – Organ Mountains, New Mexico
January 9 – Western Scrub-Jay, Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife, Fremont California
January 10 – Sunny, Graceland University, Lamoni Iowa
January 11 – Doris and Family, Fremont California
January 12 – Kristina holding a 20×30 inch Cougar Print. Columbus Ohio
January 13 – Children’s Offering at the Lamoni Community of Christ
January 14 – Andrew playing soccer, Keller Texas
January 19 – Janae, Kalamazoo Michigan
January 20 – Photographer, Graceland University, Lamoni Iowa
January 21 – Terran Crossing a Wooden Bridge, Lamoni, Iowa
January 23 – Kate, Columbus Ohio
January 25 – White Sands, New Mexico
January 27 – Christmas Angel, Columbus Ohio
January 28 – Terran, Lamoni Iowa
January 28 – Catharine and Terran, Lamoni Iowa
January 29 – Selina, Downtown Columbus Ohio
January 30 – Ivory, Columbus Ohio
January 31 – “Jim and Melissa” Christmas Ornaments. Columbus Ohio

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