Favorite Photo, January 4

Southwest Jet Over Las Vegas at Dusk

Southwest Jet Over Las Vegas at Dusk, Looking Southwest. January 4, 2013.

On our trips from Ohio to see family in California, the least expensive route is usually through Las Vegas. When the winds are out of the west I always try to get a seat on the right side of the plane so I can get photos of “The Strip” as we take off (next photo below). Keep that in mind the next time you fly our of Vegas. One of the perks of flying Southwest is to choose a seat based on the photos you want to take during the flight.

On this particular trip we took off well after sunset, but I decided to try and get some photos anyway, even though I thought it would be too dark. Even with the ISO cranked up to 12800, the shutter speed was a slow 1/20 second. But somehow it worked. This is one of my two first place favorite photos for this date. The plane has already circled around so this photo is taken looking generally southwest. You can see highway I-15 to Los Angeles at the top of the dark area of the photo.

The Las Vegas "Strip" from the Air at Night

The Las Vegas “Strip” from the Air at Night, Looking North. January 4, 2013.

This photo was taken right after take off. It is my third favorite photo for January 4.

Melissa in our Driveway, Lincoln, Nebraska. January 4, 1971.

My other first place favorite photo for January 4th was taken in our driveway in Lincoln Nebraska. Lincoln had the highest two day combined snowfall since 1948. As you can see, the now was deep. After we finished the driveway, I grabbed an old half frame film camera (72 photos per roll instead of 36) with black and white film and snapped a picture.

Of the two side-by-side doors on the front porch (to the right), the partially hidden door on the left leads to our upstairs apartment which was our first home. You can barely make out the 648 address number over the door. The 66 VW behind Melissa was our first car.

Jim Shoveling Snow, Lincoln, Nebraska. January 4, 1971.

My second favorite photo is me shoveling our front sidewalk. Our neighbors house is in the background.


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