Favorite Photo, January 9

Western Scrub-Jay

Western Scrub-Jay, Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife, Fremont California. January 9, 2014.

I was at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Fremont California. It is one of my favorite photo locations in the Bay Area.

Like any location, some days can be great and some days not so much. You can be there one day and see thousands of wading birds and get fine images and come back the next day and get nothing.

This was one of those mornings I was pretty much getting nothing. I was back at the parking lot, getting ready to leave. I put my gear in the car and was driving around to the parking lot exit when I spotted a flash of blue color. It was a Western Scrub-Jay. I rolled down the car windows, got my camera and lens all ready to go, and drove slowly toward the jay. I got pretty close, stopped the car and took several photos. This is my favorite image for January 9, and one of my favorite bird images.


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