Environmental Portraits and Off-Camera Flash, Part 1

Warren Stevens, Magic 106.3, Columbus, Ohio.

Warren Stevens, Magic 106.3, Columbus, Ohio.

If I am using flash for an environmental portrait, I usually prefer having the flash off of the camera.  In this portrait of Warren Stevens (program director and mid-day air personality at Magic 106.3 FM in Columbus), the flash is above Warren and to his right, providing a nice semi side-lit photograph.  On camera flash is flat and even. Getting the flash off of the camera and moving it to the side provides more shape and texture to the subject.

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Sai Charita: Dance Drama

Saibaba Dance Drama

Shooting “events” is both challenging and rewarding. The photographer has very little control over the lighting and the position of the subjects (unlike most other kinds of photography), so you make the most of what happens and improvise. Shooting events will do wonders for your photographic skills, not to mention the eye-catching photos that can be captured.

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Drew. Sunlight with Fill Flash. Photo © Jim Doty Jr.

Sunlit Portrait with Fill Flash. Photo © Jim Doty Jr.

Today’s question is brought to you by Powdermilk Biscuits.

Wait – wrong show. My apologies to Prairie Home Companion. (The delightful movie was on TV recently.)

Today’s Q&A is for all of you that learned to use Guide Numbers and manual flash exposure. If you are a little rusty in that department, or if you were weaned on TTL flash, you can brush up on how to use the guide number (GN) for your flash to determine a manual flash exposure by reading the Flash Basics article at my photography web site.  If you are a little rusty with f-stops and exposure, go here.

Now for the Q&A:

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