Total Immersion Nature Photography Weekend in Beautiful Northern Michigan

Michigan Photography Workshop

Are you ready to take your nature and wildlife photography to the next level? Are you ready to learn the professional secrets that make the difference between good images and great images? Are you ready for a high intensity, action packed, total immersion photography weekend? Come to Park of the Pines on beautiful Lake Charlevoix October 13-15, 2023.

This article tells you what my weekend workshop will do for your photography. To get all the nitty-gritty details about the weekend, the location, flex schedule, lodging, meals, costs and registration information, go to

Total immersion nature photography weekend.

This weekend is the ideal mixture of intensive exploration sessions, practical photo activities, and “go out and do it” field trips. In the exploration sessions you will learn the techniques and skills the pros use to consistently create beautiful, eye-catching images. Minutes later you will be outside practicing those techniques and skills.

Workshop photo activity, Park of the Pines

Then we go on “put it all together” photography field trips in Northern Michigan.

Thunderstorm over Lake Michigan. Workshop field trip.

Workshop details and registration information are at

Northern Lights over Lake Michigan. Workshop field trip.

Can one total immersion photography weekend make a big difference in your photography? Read the testimonials that follow. Then join us in beautiful northern Michigan. Register soon!

Sunset over Lake Michigan, Workshop field trip.


“Amazing Workshop – I’ve been to several over the years. Don’t miss the next one.” – Bob W

“I was so impressed by how many “trade secrets” he freely shared. I couldn’t learn as much as I did in this workshop on my own, if I worked hard for years.” – Besma A

Workshop photo activity.

“I began to read every book about photography that I could get my hands on. I also enrolled in a nature photography class taught by Jim Doty. Jim’s class proved incredibly helpful, covering many specific techniques employed by professional photographers that weren’t in any of the dozens of books I owned. Jim’s class helped me to develop technically, and the results were instantly apparent.” – Jeremy B

Workshop field trip. Note the red headlamps

“The total immersion nature photography workshop was amazing. Jim is passionate about photography and sharing his knowledge. He is a wonderful, charismatic teacher and I am blown away at how much I learned in a single weekend. I prepared for the workshop by reading books, watching YouTube tutorials, and reading blog posts but I learned more on the first evening with Jim than all of my preparation combined! He does a great job of balancing lecture style learning with hands-on exploration sessions. The field trips gave us incredible opportunities to practice our new skills in the gorgeous northern Michigan area. Not only did he teach us about camera settings and shooting different subjects, he also shared a great deal of information about great places to photograph, equipment, and editing. I can’t wait to come back next year for another awesome weekend! Thank you, Jim!”   –  Brittany K

One day field trip to Michigan’s U.P.

“Jim Doty’s workshop is excellent. Very down to earth and not so technical to the point of being intimidating.” – Steve S

A hearty breakfast after an early morning field trip.

“Jim Doty gives the most warm, intense, wonderful photographic digital workshop. He is truly a gift to those who choose to attend.” – Win M

Workshop exploration session.

“I really had no idea how much you could manipulate a camera to get such great images without using Photoshop. I found it amazing!” – Melissa D

Workshop field trip.

“We have learned so much more about photography than we ever dreamed existed. Thank you so much for teaching us so much with such enthusiasm.” – Pat D

Workshop field trip.

“I had NO IDEA my camera was capable of so much.” – Vickie R

Workshop field trip.

“Great Workshop! I can use your material to quickly become a better photographer.” – Jim T

Workshop field trip.

“Your workshop renewed and re-excited my interest in photography. I have some new ideas and ways to ‘up my game’.” – Don M

Sunset, Lake Michigan, Workshop field trip.

“Jim’s workshop showed me the way to put my DSLR’s features to use and the advantages of knowing why and how they function. Easy to follow and understand.” – Gene S

Eagle at Seney National Wildlife Refuge. Monday field trip to Michigan’s U.P.

“Hi Jim – I can’t wait to get to get out into the field and put what I learned into practice. As you say, Happy Shooting!” – Becky W

The incredibly rare (one out of two million frogs) blue headed variant of the green frog. Workshop field trip.

“The amount and quality of information was more than I had hoped for.” – Alan M

Thunderstorm over Lake Michigan. Workshop field trip.

More testimonials here.


Workshop details, location, maps, lodging and meals, what to bring, and registration information are at

Milky Way over Lake Charlevoix. Park of the Pines campground.