Favorite Photo, July 1

Showy Ladyslipper in sunlight
Sunlit Showy Ladyslipper, Northern Michigan. July 1, 2004.

I have quite a few favorite images for July 1 in my “favorite photos” folder. When I spotted this orchid at Thorne Swift Nature Preserve, the sunlight coming through the white petals was perfect. This is one of my two most favorite images for this date. Thorne Swift near Harbor Springs is a great place to do nature photography.

Brittany, Northern Michigan. July 1, 2018.

Brittany is a photographer and a model. After a very busy day doing nature photography in Northern Michigan we stopped long enough to create a portrait. The soft light was perfect. This is my other most favorite image for this date.

I’ve just used the word perfect for two very different kinds of light. The best light for each subject can be very different. If the orchid was in soft light it would not “pop” the way it does in bright sunlight. If Brittany was in bright, harsh sunlight, this portrait would not be nearly as effective.

Green Frog. Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Michigan. July 1, 2018.

The Seney National Wildlife Refuge in Michigan’s U.P. is one of my favorite places on the planet. I spotted this green frog in a pond near one of the refuge roads. Seney is one of the prime field trip locations for my annual Northern Michigan photography workshop.

Loon, Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Michigan. July 1, 2019.

I’ve seen lots of loons from a distance at Seney. This is the first time one was close enough to take a respectable photo. This is my best loon photo to date. Some day I hope to capture a classic loon image in great light.

Pond Lily, Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Michigan. July 1, 2018.

This lily was in the same pond as the green frog above. It was beautifully shaped and back lit by the sun, making it one of my favorite pond lily images.

Tachinid Fly, Thorne Swift Nature Preserve, Michigan. July 1, 2004.

Another favorite image from Thorne Swift Nature Preserve. This Tachinid fly was in the dark light of the forest so I used a flash unit to provide light and a 100mm macro lens capture this closeup.


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Thorne Swift Nature Preserve

Seney National Wildlife Refuge