Favorite Photo, March 1

Communion, Worthington Ohio. March 1, 2015

Photographing religious ceremonies is important to me. This image was captured at a communion service in Worthington Ohio. I wanted the cross on the wine tray in focus and I wanted one or two people in the background. I had to change the camera location just enough so there were some people directly in line with the cross.

I wanted the people somewhat out of focus, but not so blurred as to not be recognizable as people. I used a compact Canon Powershot SX280 HS camera which has a 4.5-90mm lens. I was at 90mm which gave me the same equivalent focal length as a 500mm lens on 35mm of full frame digital camera. That reduced the depth of field, giving me the out of focus background I wanted.

This is my favorite image for March 1.

Odometer. Columbus Ohio. March 1, 2017.

This may seem like an odd choice for a favorite image, but we were leaving on a special trip to visit family. This photo is symbolic of the beginning of that trip. I took a picture of the dashboard before we left on the trip, and another photo when we got back. This is my second favorite image for March 1. I write again about this trip here.


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