Tonight, “Free Solo” on Nat Geo! Don’t miss this!

“Free Solo”

Tonight (Sunday, March 3), the movie “Free Solo” will be on the National Geographic Channel. 9pm Eastern, 8 pm Central. This is the stunning, Academy Award winning documentary of Alex Honnold’s “free solo” (no ropes, no safety harness) climb of Yosemite’s El Capitan. Honnold is the first and only person to free solo El Capitan.

New York Tines: “Alex Honnold’s Free Solo climb should be celebrated as one of the great athletic feats of any kind, ever.”

Jimmy Chin, whose amazing photography is featured in the movie “Meru”, was involved in the filming and production of this movie. He is a world class climber in his own right and an exceptional photographer.

I heard an interview with Jimmy Chin about the filming of this movie. Despite his confidence in Honnold’s abilities, he could not get the idea out of the back of his mind that if Honnold made one mistake, he would watch his friend drop out of the frame and plummet to his death.

This is a must see for every photographer. Don’t miss this! If you won’t be around to watch tonight, set your DVR, or bribe a friend to record it for you.


“Free Solo” information at National Geographic