Using Reflected Light Meters, Part One

Metering Tools

Metering Tools

In auto exposure modes, your camera meter is perfectly designed to give you “average” exposures in average situations, but it can’t give you the “ideal” exposure for subjects of all colors and tones in every situation. If you want to get the best possible exposure, you have to take the camera off “autopilot” and control the metering yourself.

This newly rewritten article (in an ongoing series of articles that begins here) is the next step toward getting the best possible images your camera is capable of producing. To get started on the road to better metering and better images, read Using Reflected Light Meters, Part One in the “Learn” section at


If you don’t already know the ins and out of apertures, shutters speeds, and ISO settings, read Speaking Your Camera’s Exposure Language.

This is the third in a series of articles that is being revised and expanded. The series begins with Why Is Exposure So Important?

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