The Best Photography Books and DVDs

photography books

This is a list of articles that will take you to the best photography books in a variety of categories. Trying out ideas from the best “how to” photography books is a great way to become a better photographer. Out of hundreds of books in my photography library, these are my favorites.

Some of the Best All Purpose Photography Books

Best Book On Photographic Lighting

Tim Grey Recommends Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies. This is my own, highly rated photography book. It is one of the most detailed and comprehensive “exposure” books on the market, and a great introduction to all things photographic with chapters on people, landscape, wildlife, flower, and sports photography.

Joel Sartore, Fundamentals of Photography

Great Set of DVDs: Joel Sartore’s Fundamentals of Photography

Best Advanced Exposure Book

Photographic Composition: The Best Books

People Photography Books

“How To” Book Recommendations: People Photography

Great “How To” Nature Photography Books

Nature photography books

Two Excellent Nature Photography Books by Tony Sweet

Jim Brandenburg: Chased by the Light. A book and video to inspire your nature photography.

Watchable Wildlife Series

Best Books on Finding Wildlife

Best Astrophotography Books

Ansel Adams: Half Dome, Blowing Snow

Ansel Adams: Half Dome, Blowing Snow. © Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust

Books and Calendars from the Master: Ansel Adams

Basic And Intermediate Books On Photoshop And Digital Photography

Photoshop books

The Best Books: Mastering Photoshop Series

Mastering Photoshop & Lightroom: Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)

Jeff Schewe and Bruce Fraser on RAW Camera Files

Mastering Photoshop: Advanced Color Correction, Part One

Mastering Photoshop: Advanced Color Correction, Part Two

Mastering Photoshop: Retouching, Part One

Mastering Photoshop: Retouching, Part Two

Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies

Jennifer Blakeley Recommends Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies.

A Great Magazine Review for Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies.


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