Portrait Retouch in 6 Minutes

My first YouTube video.  I did a video screen capture of a 90 minute retouching job and sped up the video 16x to a little over 6 minutes (not counting opening and closing titles). Watch it here or see a larger version at YouTube.

Video Highlights
0:13    Remove blemishes
0:37    Retouch lips and enhance lip color
0:57    Soften eyebags
1:29    Brighten whites of left eye
1:37    Hand draw additional eyelashes
1:50    Retouch clothes
2:00    Remove fly away hair
2:19    Remove wrinkles
2:40    Soften pores and skin texture
4:13    Remove stray hair
4:50    Final touches
6:10    Adjust “levels”

The video conversion and upload process to altered the colors somewhat.  To see a color correct version of this photo and learn how I created this image in the camera, go to How To Do A Business Headshot, just above. A “before and after” closeup of this retouching job is here.


Some before and after examples of my retouched photos.

An enhanced photo retouch.

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