Before The First Photo Shoot

Adobe Bridge: Portrait ideas.

It started with a text message from a mutual friend. She told me Soleece, a college student, wanted to work with me to create some portraits. Soleece saw some of my event photography in the local newspaper but she was not acquainted with my portrait photography.

Beth, Slip Bluff Lake.

One of the first things I like to do is get an idea of the kind of portraits a person wants. so I asked her what kind of portraits she had in mind. Next, I quickly showed her over 300 widely varied portraits. I paid careful attention to her reactions. You can see the images I showed her in the Adobe Bridge composite at the top of this article. A number of photos really jumped out at her. Two of them were lake portraits of Beth, a concert violinist.  These portraits have nothing to do with playing the violin. Beth loves water and this was more of a personal project.

Beth, Lake LaShane.

Soleece decided she wanted to do some water portraits. I made note of the portrait ideas she liked.  We had a little bit of time before she had to go back to campus so we did some quick portraits before she left. So how did things go?  See the link below.

Beth playing her violin in the snow.

Soleece Links

The First Click of The Shutter

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