Eye Close-ups


Before I process an image, I zoom in and check the eyes to make sure they are in focus. If they aren’t, it is not a usable image and I pick a different one.

Soleece. Click the image to see a larger version.

What caught my eye as I was processing images is my reflection in her eyes. I picked two photos to show you. I zoomed in on one eye in each of those photos so you can see 100% “actual pixels” magnification of her eyes. You can see my silhouette in each photo. The first photo is a horizontal image so my elbows are at my side for stability.


The second photo is a vertical image so my right hand and arm are up to hold the camera in a vertical position. In her eye (image below) it looks like my left arm is up because you are looking at a mirror image.

Soleece. Click the image to see a larger version.

You can tell from these eye close-ups, especially the second one, that I am standing in the garden next to our front porch. The level of the porch is just above my knees which  put me at the right height to do bench portraits.

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