FOV (Field of View) Lens Charts

Field of View Table with the horizontal, vertical and diagonal FOV.

There are times that it is handy to have a FOV Lens Chart, also called Angle of View charts. These charts tell you in degrees the angle of view for lenses used on cameras with different size digital sensors.  Why might you need to know that information? I am glad you asked.

Imagine you want to do a series of photos from the same location with the same lens that shows how high the sun is above the horizon on the first day of winter, spring, summer and fall. If you start you project in winter, you need to know how wide a lens angle you will need when the sun is at its highest on the first day of summer? The Photographer’s Ephemeris (an excellent app for your smart phone) will tell you how high the sun will be in degrees at your location. A FOV chart will tell you the lens you will need. You can also use a FOV calculator. See the links below.

To use one of these charts go to the column with the FOV Crop for your digital camera. If you are using a film camera, go to the last chart below. Full frame digital cameras (with a sensor about the same size as 35mm film) have a FOV Crop of 1.0X.  Most Canon cropped sensor cameras have a FOV Crop of 1.6X, although some have a FOV Crop of 1.3X. Check your camera manual. Most cropped sensor Nikon cameras have a FOV Crop of 1.5X.  Many Olympus digital cameras have a 2.0X FOV Crop.

After you find the right column, go down the chart to find the lens focal length and corresponding angles of view.

The Nikonians chart above is better for cropped sensor Nikon cameras since it has DX columns for FOV Crop 1.5X.

The AcaPixus chart immediately below is better for cropped sensor Canon cameras that have a 1.3X and 1.6X FOV Crop, and Olympus cameras with a 2.0X FOV Crop.

Angle of View Chart with the horizontal, vertical and diagonal FOV. Click for a larger version.

Angle of View Lens Chart. The diagonal angle of view is on the left and right in red.


FOV Chart. The diagonal field of view is at the far right.

The chart immediately above includes three film sizes on the right.


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