“Black and White”

“Black and White”, Giulietta Luna, Columbus Ohio. Click image to see a larger version.

These images were created 14 hours apart, the first at night against a black backdrop and the second in the afternoon against a bright, window shade. In the second she is entirely backlit. It did not occur to me until this week that these two images could be combined. It is a happy accident that they are facing each other.

These images were created toward the beginning and end of my longest overnight photo shoot. The first click of the shutter was at 11:04 pm, February 14, and the last click of the shutter was at 2:40 pm, February 15.  We took a breaks around 3 am and 7 am.

When Giulietta wrote to me from Italy, I had no clue who she was. She found my photos online and she wanted to work with me. She was coming back to the states during a short college break. Her only one window of opportunity to shoot was from late in the evening February 14 to the middle of the afternoon of February 15. She said we could shoot all night if it would maximize our shooting time.  We had a great time. Today is the 14th anniversary of the second photo That is what sent me back to look at the images again, and pick these two to put together.

Photo Data:

The image on the left: 11:06 pm Feb 14, 2010.
Canon 5D. Canon EF 24-105mm lens at 60mm. f/11, 1/125 sec, ISO 100.
Black backdrop. Studio flash bounced into an umbrella.

The image on the right: 1:29 pm Feb 15, 2010.
Canon 5D. Canon EF 24-105mm lens at 47mm. f/8, 1/30 second, ISO 400.
Sunlight filtered through a thin white window shade.