Portraits: Wrap Around Backlight


A large, south facing window is perfect for creating wrap around backlight. All you need is a sunny day and some translucent white cloth that will light the light in. Pose your subject close to the white cloth and you will get beautiful, wrap around light.


You will need to experiment with the exposure to get the results you want. I meter the white background and add at least three stops of light for the first exposure.  You want to wash out the background so it is pure white. If I’m not getting enough light, I add some more.


Experiment all you want with your exposures. When you process your RAW files with Adobe Camera RAW (or whatever RAW file processor you prefer), you can adjust the exposure and the contrast for the look you want. The amount of contrast in each image is a matter of your personal choice.


If you don’t have a south facing window and a bright sunny day, you can put some bright studio lights behind the white cloth. You may have to boost the ISO more than usual to wash out the white cloth.

Experiment and have fun.