Favorite Photo, July 10

Samantha, Worthington Ohio. July 10, 2011

Samantha is an Ohio model and we were in a local park creating images for our respective portfolios. It was a beautiful, soft light kind of day that is perfect for portraits. This is my favorite image from our photo shoot, and one of my two most favorite images for July 10.

Hocking Hills is one of the prettier areas in Ohio and another photographer and I were at Ash Cave. If there has been enough recent rainfall, a waterfall drops off the lip at the top of the cave to a pool down below. We were lucky. There was more water than usual.

Ash Cave Waterfall. Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio
Ash Cave Waterfall, Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio. July 10, 2003.

It was late in the day so our exposures were running long. My shutter speed was 8 seconds for this particular image, creating an “angel hair” waterfall. This is my other most favorite image for this date.

Hocking Hills State Park is one of the nicer places to do nature photography in Ohio.


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Hocking Hills State Park