Favorite Photo, July 9

U.S. Flags, Columbus Ohio. July 9, 2016.

You can’t see all of them in this image, but there are 10 small U.S. flags in front yards along this side of this street in my neighborhood.

About two weeks before the 4th of July, small U.S. flags appeared in every yard in my neighborhood. It was a promotion by a local drug store. Most people left the flags out in the yards for several weeks after the 4th of July, and some people left them out for months. There were still a few flags out at  Christmas.

On this bright Sunny day I was taking our dog Sunny for a walk. I decided to get a photo of some flags using the small point and shoot camera I had with me. I sat down on the sidewalk, got as many flags in the frame as I could and snapped the shutter. This is my favorite image for July 9.


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