Favorite Photo, October 13

Point Iroquois Lighthouse from Lake Superior Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. October 13, 2008.

My favorite photo for October 13 started with a note from a photo editor asking if I had a nice fall image of Pt. Iroquois Lighthouse. I said I didn’t but I was heading up north and I would try to get one.

I made my way north to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and headed for Pt. Iroquois. I took photos from all around the lighthouse and then I decided I needed to wade out into Lake Michigan to get a photo from out in the water. The water was unbelievably cold. Duh! Lake Superior in October. What was I thinking?

I created several images and I made my way quickly back to shore, warmed up my feet, and headed out into the frigid water again. I worked as quickly as I could and made my way back to shore again. My feet were killing me and turning blue. But I had the photo I wanted.

Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Michigan’s U.P. October 13, 2008.

My second most favorite photo was from the grasses along the beach.

Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Michigan’s U.P. October 13, 2008.

Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Michigan’s U.P. October 13, 2008.

I photographed the lighthouse from several angles. These are just a few of the images I created.

I drove to the nearest public library with wifi, downloaded the photos to my laptop, and sent them to the photo editor. As it turned out, the editor decided not to use any of my images.

In the long run that didn’t matter. The lighthouse from Lake Michigan photo has been published in the U.S. and internationally, and it is one of my most published images.

It you are in Michigan’s U.P., Point Iroquois is a great place to take pictures, especially in the fall.

Deserted Farmhouse, Northeast Colorado. October 13, 2007.

My third place favorite image for October 13 was created in Colorado. This image was a bit of a sleeper for me. I was really drawn to the color of the grass, but needed something to anchor the image. I chose the old, deserted farmhouse. When I finished I wasn’t all that excited about this image. But it has grown on me over the years and some people really like this image.


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