Favorite Photo, October 2

O’Haver Lake, Mt. Ouray, Colorado. October 2, 2014.

My favorite photo for this date was taken on a photo safari with Bob, my brother-in-law and photo buddy. We worked our way across southern Colorado to Utah and had a great time.

One of our first stops was at O’Haver Lake. If you have been following this series, you already know this is one of my favorite places on this planet due to many camping trips here as a boy. Years later I camped here with my wife and children. I have always loved the view of Mt. Ouray from the campground area on the east side of the lake.

"Mountain in Colorado"

Antora Peak, Colorado. October 2, 2014.

After we left O’Haver Lake, we crossed the Continental Divide on Marshall Pass. All the trees at the top of the pass were covered with heavy frost. My favorite view of frost covered trees was to the south looking at Antora Peak

Mount Ouray, Marshall Pass, Colorado. October 2, 2014

Going down the west side of Marshall Pass was every bit as nice as going up the east side.

Moon over Aspen, Marshal Pass, Colorado. October 2, 2014.

The moon was hanging over the aspen.

Red tipped aspen, Marshall Pass, Colorado. October 2, 2014.

The tops of some of the aspen were tinged with red.

We had the road to ourselves. I am surprised more photographers are unaware that Marshall Pass is such a nice fall color drive.

Sprague Lake, Hallet Peak, Flattop Mountain. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. October 2, 2010.

On another trip on a different year, I spent October 2 in Rocky Mountain National Park. I went to one of my favorite locations, Sprague Lake, to capture the fall color.

O’Haver Lake

O’Haver Lake is a great place to camp, hangout, and take pictures. My brother-in-law/photo buddy and I were there in 2014 on a photo trip across southwest Colorado and southeast Utah.

When we first started camping there as children this place was an unknown gem and there would usually only be two or three families camped there, even on weekends. Now the place is packed on summer weekends. Arrive early Friday or you are pretty much out of luck.


Series: Favorite Photos by Date

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O’Haver Lake Campground – USDA Forest Service

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