An Exif (Metadata) Viewer for Firefox

Image and Pop Up Window

Image and Pop-Up Window

PhotoME used to be my preferred online metadata viewer but it is no longer being updated. So I went looking for an alternative add-on for Firefox.

I decided on Exif Viewer by Alan Raskin.

Installation was simplicity itself. I just clicked the Add to Firefox button, followed the prompts and restarted Firefox.

Image with Pop-Up Menu in Firefox.

To use it online just right click on a photo to get the pop-up menu. Then click “View Image EXIF Data”.

Exif Viewer Window

Exif Viewer Window. Click for a larger version.

The Exif Viewer window will open. Scroll down the window to see the metadata that is embedded in the photo.

Camera, time and exposure information in metadata. Click for a larger version.

Camera, time and exposure information in metadata. Click for a larger version.

As you scroll down you will come to the metadata for the camera, the time the photo was taken, and the exposure information.

GPS Info in Metadata

GPS Information in Metadata. Click for a larger version.

Keep scrolling scroll down and you will see the GPS information if it is in the metadata. Some camera’s don’t record GPS information in the metadata and some photographers remove the GPS information on some photos. More about that in a minute.

Photo Location in Google Maps

Photo Location in Google Maps. Click for a larger version.

You have several mapping options in the GPS part of the Exif Viewer window. Click “Google Maps” and another window will open to show the photo location in Google Maps.

Photo location in Google Earth

Photo location in Google Earth. Click for a larger version.

Choose “Open KML data with Google Earth” to see a satellite view of the photo location in Google Earth.

Some photographers strip out some of the metadata in their photos before posting them online. It is a good idea to remove the GPS metadata from photos that are taken in your home, yard, or apartment for the reasons given in this article. Exif Viewer is a good tool to check the photos you have online and make sure the GPS data is removed from photos where you want it removed.


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