Nature Photography Workshop – OSU Mansfield – October 18, 2014

OSU Mansfield Nature Photography Workshop

OSU Mansfield Nature Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop – OSU – Mansfield Ohio
October 18, 2014 – 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

I am excited. My next nature photography workshop in Ohio is in just four weeks!

Come spend a fun and exciting day learning how to take your nature photography to the next level. You’ll receive “real time” instruction in the field, as well as intensive classroom sessions. In the classroom you will learn the simple steps that make the difference between ordinary snapshots and extraordinary images. Minutes later you will be practicing those steps. You will go home knowing how to create jaw-dropping images!

The workshop is limited to the first 12 people to register.

Registration Fee: $90 for the day which includes lunch, dinner, and snacks. The registration deadline is October 10.

The Mansfield campus is at 1760 University Drive, Mansfield, OH 44906. The workshop will be in Ovalwood Hall, Room 100.


Jim Doty gives the most warm, intense, wonderful photographic digital workshop. He is truly a gift to those who choose to attend.  – Win M

I really had no idea how much you could manipulate a camera to get such great images without using Photoshop.  I found it amazing!  – Melissa D

I was so impressed by how many “trade secrets” he freely shared. I couldn’t learn as much as I did in this workshop on my own, if I worked hard for years. – Besma A

We have learned so much more about photography than we ever dreamed existed. Thank you so much for teaching us so much with such enthusiasm. – Pat D

I had NO IDEA my camera was capable of so much. – Vickie R

Great Workshop! I can use your material to quickly become a better photographer. – Jim T

Jim Doty’s workshop is excellent. Very down to earth and not so technical to the point of being intimidating. – Steve S

Your workshop renewed and re-excited my interest in photography. I have some new ideas and ways to “up my game.” – Don M

The amount and quality of information was more than I had hoped for. – Alan M

Jim’s workshop showed me the way to put my DSLR’s features to use and the advantages of knowing why and how they function. Easy to follow and understand – Gene S

I will never look at a white colonial style house the same again without thinking of you. Thank you for having a workshop that was anything but boring. – Trish L

Hi Jim – I can’t wait to get to get out into the field and put what I learned into practice. As you say, Happy Shooting!  – Becky W

Amazing Workshop – I’ve been to several (over the years) Don’t miss the next one. Bob W