Sora at Lake LaShane

Sora, Lake LaShane

I was leaving Lake LaShane when a white flicker caught my eye. I stopped the car for a better look. Not far from a cluster of reeds, a small bird was wading in a shallow part of the lake. Its tail feathers were flicking up and down. It was the white underside that caught my eye.

I grabbed a camera and started taking pictures. This was a new bird to me. When I got home I looked it up at All About Birds (The Cornell Lab of Ornithology web site). It is a common bird but not common to see since it is usually hidden in the reeds.

The Sora is humorous to watch. All About Birds says, “The Sora walks slowly through shallow wetlands a bit like a chicken that has had too much coffee, nervously flicking its tail and exposing the white feathers below.”  You can learn more about the Sora at the second link below.


All About Birds

Sora at All About Birds