Lamoni Band Concert

Lamoni band concert. 7th – 12th grade band.

The Lamoni schools band concert was May 12. The 5th and 6th grade band performed first and then the 7th – 12th grade band. This is a selection of images from the concert.

Lamoni schools band concert, Shaw Center. Dr. Christopher Brandt, band director.

Dr. Christopher Brandt directed the bands. He is also the Director of Bands at Graceland University.

Lamoni band concert. 5th – 6th grade band.

Elementary trombones and percussion.
Elementary trombones and trumpet.
Elementary woodwinds.
Elementary saxophones.
Elementary clarinets.
Elementary trumpets.
Elementary percussion.
7th – 12th grade saxophones.
7th – 12th grade bass.
7th – 12th grade band low brass and percussion.
7th – 12th grade saxes and trumpets.
7th – 12th grade flute.
7th – 12th grade saxophone.
7th – 12th grade clarinets.
7th – 12th grade trumpets and percussion.
7th – 12th grade flute and clarinets.
7th – 12th grade trumpets.
7th – 12th grade percussion.
7th – 12th grade trumpets..
Trevor McDole receives the Arion distinguished band member award.


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