Lamoni Food Pantry Open House

Getting ready for the Lamoni Food Pantry open house.

A dream came true this month. To celebrate, the Lamoni Food Pantry held an open house at its new location. The move is a remarkable story. The food pantry has been operating out of the basement of the Methodist Church for a number of years (a huge thanks to the Methodist church). An increasing client base meant the food pantry needed a bigger location. After checking out 25 potential locations over several months time, a new home for the food pantry was finally found that could be purchased and renovated. In just a few weeks time the people of Lamoni donated $230,000 to purchase and renovate the property. The open house is a celebration of the new location and a huge thank you to the generosity of the people of Lamoni (population 2,240).

Lamoni Food Pantry open house. The new sign.

The newly designed food pantry sign welcomes visitors to the new location.

Lamoni Food Pantry open house. The shuttle.

With the parking lot in use for the open house, Graceland University provided shuttle service to get guests to and from the open house.

Lamoni Food Pantry Open House. Reception area.

In each room, hosts explain how the food pantry works and what happens in each room. Jen Rowland explains the reception area process.

Lamoni Food Pantry Open House. Refrigerators.

The refrigerator room at the Lamoni Food Pantry.

Lamoni Food Pantry Open House. Packing room.

Lorrie Long explains the packing room to open house guests.

Lamoni Food Pantry open house. LOLO Snow.

LOLO Snow set up in the parking lot and provided free shaved ice and ice cream treats to open house guest in a multitude of flavor choices and a rainbow of colors.

Lamoni Food Pantry Open House. Cookies and drawing.

Island Flava passed out free cookies and a drawing was held for door prizes.

Lamoni Food Pantry Open House. Front entry.

A constant flow of guests all evening long had a fun and informative time.