What Are Your Favorite Portrait Photography Months?

Portrait Collage

What are your favorite portrait photography months? Whether you are a professional or amateur, when do you create most of your portrait images? Do they cluster around a particular time of year? For many wedding photographers the busiest times of the year are June and before Christmas. People who do senior pictures do most of their work in the late summer or fall, depending on when the photos need to go to the yearbook editor. My portrait photography is much less specialized, so I decided to check out my busiest months.

I went to my “favorite portraits” folder and counted the images by month. I put the totals on a spreadsheet and created a graph.

My Favorite Portrait Photos By Month

Some of the results were what I expected and some were a surprise. I was surprised how low April was. It is such a nice month. I did expect a summer peak, but June and July were higher than I would have guessed. I knew a lot of people want portraits around the November – December holiday season so those months were not a surprise. I expected more of a drop off in January after the holiday rush so January was higher than expected. I love to shoot outdoors in the fall so September and October are not a surprise.

Favorite Nature Photos by Month.

This started three years ago when I did my Favorite Photos by Date series and wrote about my favorite nature photography seasons. Fall is far and away my favorite season to do nature photography. This graph is very different from my portrait photography graph. November, December, January, and February are nothing like the portrait graph.

Check out your own images. Whether you do mostly portraits or nature or a little of everything, what are your busiest months?


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