Best iPhone/Android Apps for Photographers: Painteresque

Bumble Bee and Flowers

Bumble Bee and Flowers

There are a lot of apps that claim to jazz up your iPhone and Android photos. A few of them will actually do wonderful things to your photos. If you want to turn some of your photos into “paintings”, there is a great app that will do that for you.

I only turn a few of my photos into “paintings”, but when I do, Painteresque is my app of choice. There are both iPhone and Android versions.  It is a “one trick pony”, but it is a great trick. Open the app, choose a photo and Painteresque does its thing. Save the finished photo and you are done.  Simple as that.

Not all photos look better with the Painteresque treatment, and I use this app sparingly, but with the right kind of original photo, it can work magic. Look for bold colors, dramatic shapes, and clean graphic lines. Think flowers and old villages. Think Van Gogh and Monet.  Give some thought to your original photos.  Experiment!  Have fun!

I was shopping at a local garden center when I spotted a bumble bee going from flower to flower. The biggest challenge was to get a sharp photo of the bee on a nice looking flower. Easier said than done with an iPhone and a fast moving bee. It took several attempts to get a reasonably sharp photo that I liked.

Here’s a “before and after” example so you can compare part of the original photo with the Painteresque’d version.

Bumble Bee and Flower, Before and After

Bumble Bee and Flower, Before and After

If your smart phone creates fairly high resolution photos (at least in the smart phone world), the Painteresque version will be high res too. I can easily make a nice 8×10 print from the file Painteresque created.

You can’t tell what a print will look like from a web sized photo, but I can provide a closeup of the bumble bee part of the photo to give you an idea what the file looks like. Click on this photo (or any other photo in this post) to see a larger version.

Bumble Bee and Flowers, closeup of part of the photo

Bumble Bee and Flowers, closeup of part of the photo


I have Dewitt Jones to thank for turning me on to this iPhone app. He certainly has “big boy cameras” (Dewitt’s phrase) which he uses for his work for National Geographic and a variety of commercial clients, but Dewitt also creates wonderful photos on a regular basis when he is out having fun with his iPhone. Look for his columns in Outdoor Photographer.


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Painteresque by Simon Funk.

Painteresque logo by Simon Funk

Painteresque by Simon Funk