Beth Presler: Planning for a Fall Water Portrait

Beth Presler, Slip Bluff Lake.

The leaves are turning in southern Iowa so I decided it was time to act on a portrait idea in my head. I pictured a young woman in water with fall leaves in the background reflecting in the water.

First I had to find a young woman. I sent an email to Beth and ran my idea by her. We last worked together in February when we did a photo shoot in the snow as she played her violin. She liked the idea.

Next I needed a good location. I spent two days scouting lakes, rivers, and streams in the area with beautiful fall leaves by the water. I found only location with fall leaves by the water. After checking the light at this location in the morning and evening, evening was best. In the morning trees blocked the sunlight from hitting this bunch of trees.

I found a white dress several years ago so I bought it for photo shoots just like this.

Due to the coronavirus we were careful to be at least 10 feet apart whenever we did not have masks on, and at least 6 feet apart when masked.

She waded out into the lake and I made several suggestions in terms of different poses. I had the camera low to the ground at the water’s edge to make the most of the reflections. We shot until the sun dropped behind the trees and the light was gone.


POTD: Violinist in the Snow