7,000,000 Page Visits!

JimDoty.com home page.

Some time yesterday, February 10, my web site at JimDoty.com rolled past 7 million page visits. That is small potatoes compared to hugely popular sites, but for me that is a big milestone.

Dreamhost is the company that hosts my web sites and they have been keeping track of the daily, monthly, and annual page visits. So I check the stats once or twice a year or so so I know when a big milestone is coming up. I launched JimDoty.com on June 25, 2000, nearly 20 years ago.

Unfortunately I did not keep track from the beginning of the annual totals for THIS site, my photo blog, so I don’t know where the grand total is at. But recently this site and JimDoty.com combined are having about 1.3 million page visits per year. Someone must be reading my posts or looking at the photos! That makes me happy.



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