Tonight’s Portrait Photography Master Class

Portrait Photography Techniques

Over the last few days I have been doing some major and minor revisions to my master class for this evening at Living Art Studios in Lamoni Iowa. I do this before every class, workshop, or seminar I do. I look at past presentations and I make changes.

I also did two photos shoots to add new images to tonight’s sessions.

I made the biggest changes to the session on portrait photography techniques. I know the web sized thumbnail version above makes it hard to see the photos and graphics. There are a total of 30 portrait techniques in this session, each one designed to help photographers create better portraits. Of course the images do not show all the things I say about each technique, or how I use the photos to illustrate different applications of each technique. The actual live session is packed with about 90 minutes of non-stop information, tools, techniques, and skills to help photographers create better images.

There will be other sessions tonight, including some about using the digital magic hidden inside your camera that can make the difference between good images and great images. There will also be a live portrait session demo with a model.

I am looking forward to tonight’s master class!